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SEO SpyGlass is an advanced SEO tool for backlink analysis. It enables you to put an eye on your
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14 August 2008

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If own a website then there are chances that you wish to have your site ahead of all other in competition. To achieve the same you can try out the SEO SpyGlass Software 3.1 which comes loaded with a range of intelligent options that makes it very popular with webmasters and SEO experts. The software has the capability of analyzing why competitors enjoy good ranking with a specific search engine. It is credited with comprehensive analysis of Google rankings and can boast of providing you various information about the backlinks, PageRank, Keyword density, and different other things. The software is capable of helping you to increase the profits of your sites and give you an idea of the basic requirements for making improvements. With its help you can have your site optimized to get more visitors and have a higher page ranking.

SEO SpyGlass Software 3.1 works to best of its efficiency to provide you better results. The software has different features that you can work with to find the desired results. You can check the backlinks of your as well as your competitor’s site along with the URL for each backlink. Find the best keywords for the keyword optimization of your site to increase traffic. It also provides you with the information about the keywords density for anchor and title of the backlinks. Want to increase the page rank then the program helps by showing the page rank for each backlink. It also provides you with the Alexa Traffic Rank that provides you with the details of biggest traffic sources of your competitor. It also shows you the backlinks of your competitor coming from same IP address. It shows the exact anchor texts and URL that are being used by your competitors. Know about the competitor’s backlinks coming from the social media like forums and blogs. It shows you the information for buying the links, the best directories, etc. It updates the backlink data, creates various types of blueprint report, support various search engines, customizable workspace filters, ability to work through proxy, and so on.

The SEO SpyGlass Software 3.1 works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without any trouble. Rating point of 4.5 has been given to it for its intuitive interface and the pool of relevant data and information that it provides to the users.

Publisher's description

SEO SpyGlass is an all in one backlink analyzer designed for effective competitive intelligence. This user-friendly SEO tool enables you to get a close look at your competitors from inside. Take your chance to learn how your top performing competitors managed to outrank you in search engine. In just a few clicks you'll get the full picture of the SEO strategies your rivals have been developing by trial and error for years including:
The total number of inbound links your competitor has
The Google PageRank and Alexa Rank values of every link
The total number of PR 0 to 10 links
The IP address of every domain linking to your competitor and the overall number of links coming from it
The exact keywords your competitor is using in titles and anchor texts (including their density)
Whether your competitor has got backlinks coming from DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory
The number of inbound links from forums, blogs and homepages
The exact SEO efficiency of every link your competitor has
The exact domain age of every link partner
And more!
SEO SpyGlass will automate your competitive intelligence effort so that you can decipher your competitions secret SEO weapon in a matter of minutes. In fact you can start applying the best SEO practices of your competition right away. SEO SpyGlass will even retrieve contact information of your competitors' link partners for you.
Order full version of SEO SpyGlass or download a free demo and start build your SEO strategy on the successes of your rivals right now.
SEO SpyGlass Software
SEO SpyGlass Software
Version 3.3.2
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